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This committee is formulating to help Staff employees across VCAA benefit from the committees work through the implementation and execution of equitable and consistent processes, a better work environment, tangible ways of carrying out the principles of community through work responsibilities, and making staff feel valued and recognized. 

Commitee Work

  • Review and agree upon best practices for EDI Hiring Processes to suggest for all of Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs area
  • Annually review Staff @ Work results to proposea strategic plan to Senior Leadership specifically regarding EDI initiatives in the VC Area, Departments, Divisions and/or Units
  • Assist in planning and providing input for any large EDI programming in VCAA such as VCAA Annual Symposium or others as needed
  • Host open forums for EDI suggestions employees would like to see in VCAA to ensure EDI is a consistent and ongoing focus of improvement and provide the feedback to Senior Leadership 
  • Collect inventory on what EDI work already exists within VCAA units and share them with the committee and across the VC Area
  • Track names to consider and recognize Staff for future Inclusive Excellence Nominations
  • Other duties as necessary

Time Commitment

Committee members must be willing to serve for a 2-year term. Meetings will be held monthly for 60 minutes.Time/day TBD. Adhoc meetings/subgroups may be scheduled as necessary. 

How to Apply

The ACTs committee is committed to breaking cycles of exclusion in the nomination process and/or tokenizing the individuals who are often tapped for EDI work. Therefore, this process will be for Staff members to nominate themselves. Below are the steps for consideration:  
  1. Submit a self-nomination here. 
  2. If selected for consideration, the ACTs committee will email the employee's supervisor asking for an informal endorsement. No forms or items are required from the nominee. 
  3. The ACTs committee will notify committee members of selection by January 2022. 

Participation and Representation

The ACTs committee would like representatives from the following areas/positions to ensure diversity of thought, perspective and implementation methods. 
  • The Colleges 
  • Enrollment Management
  • Units Reporting to EVC 
  • Division of Arts & Humanities
  • Division of Social Sciences
  • Division of Biological Sciences
  • Division of Physical Sciences 
  • Global Policy and Strategy (GPS)
  • Rady School of Management 
  • Jacobs School Of Engineering (JSOE)
    • Business Officer 
    • Staff of PSS level (Represented/Non-Represented)
    • Director level

For Questions

Please contact Co-Chair, Sally Morgan at